Transylvanian Alps


  • 6 biking days cross-country, all-mountain & enduro advanced tour
  • about 250 km total distance, +8300m/-9700m
  • seven nights full-board accommodation
  • six days of guided mountain biking rides
  • airport transfer at the start and at the end of the program
  • main luggage transfer during the trip
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  • for a group request, or a custom trip go to the CONTACT FORM

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This tour offers an epic ride through the main mountain ranges in central Romania: Ciucas, Baiului, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului. The endless single tracks and trails will lead you through majestic forests, on idyllic meadows and impressive high-altitude pastures, with panoramic views that will explain why those mountains were called “The Transylvanian Alps.“

It’s more than mountains, it’s also about meeting first hand the traditional life-style of the rural Romanian highlands, pretty much unaware of the XXI century technologies, benefits, and problems.

It’s a combination of cross-country and all-mountain, designed for advanced to expert mountain bikers with a (at least) good physical condition. Each day is stimulating and challenging in a way that will make the well-deserved beer and dinner even more tasteful. The routes are normally accessible from July to October. Particularly bad weather at high altitudes (over 2000 m) might force changes of itinerary for days 5 and 6.

A light-weight full suspension mountain bike would be ideal, but a hard-tail would do the job just fine. The program on each day is designed to be “bike-in bike-out”, i.e. we leave one accommodation on bike and we get to the (next) accommodation also on bike. No time lost on endless minibus transfers.

See it with your own eyes here:

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