Thin air, narrow trails: mtb at its finest

trip report

Our latest mtb tour format just went through its first iteration. Nine peaks in six different mountains, ranging from 1800 to 2500m.

We’ve designed the Carpathian Peaks tour format having in mind those bikers who are looking for a true mountain experience: ready to sweat on the uphills (and push or carry bike sessions) in order to be immersed in some exquisite views, to feel the satisfaction of reaching a few summits, and – of course – to savour the thrill of the descents.

Tom is exactly this kind of mountain biker, and mountain lover, and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Living in Romania, he had the luxury of splitting the tour in several sessions, from late May to early November. We were able to choose the days with pretty much the perfect weather, as you can see from the photos and the video below.

The Carpathian Peaks is an open format tour, meaning we’ll adjust the list of peaks we’ll cover in a program depending on the time of the year, the specific weather, the group’s technical and physical abilities. And, of course, preferences.

It is not a tour for everyone. But those who are into this kind of mountain experience will thoroughly enjoy it!

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