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Trying to make a long story short: like any website running on present-day technologies, uses cookies to provide you a better, more personalised experience. It also gives as a better understanding of your interaction with our website, helping us making it better. For our mutual benefit.

There are a couple of web forms along the website where you are asked to provide personal information: your name, email address, phone number, some specific mountain biking preferences. All this information is only used to formulate a personalised mountain biking touring offer.

Your data is only used for this very purpose. It is not distributed further away, nor sold to third parties. Period.

During our tours we take a lot of photos and showcase them later on trip reports published on this website and on our Facebook pages. We will kindly ask for your permission before publication and we will not publish them on our website or on Facebook, if you indicate us you do not want that to happen.

For any questions, request, etc, regarding your personal information in relation with our website, do not hesitate to contact us at contact(at) Replace „(a)” with a „@” in your email application before sending.

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