Open tours Calendar

For the 2020 season we have scheduled five different open tours: one Bucegi Circuit, two Transylvanian Alps and two Carpat MTB Enduro. The price per person depends on the group size. For groups up to seven persons there will be one guide. Eight or plus means two guides, and the maximum group size is 12. Use the form below to inquire for further details. The terms and conditions for our tours and activities can be read here:

Bucegi Circuit, (see the pdf presentation): One open tour scheduled for July 11 –  July 18. Previous trip reports here.

Transylvanian Alps, (see the pdf presentation): July 4 – July 11 (completely booked), August 8 – August 15 and September 12 – September 19. Previous tour reports here.

Carpat MTB Enduro, (see the pdf presentation): Two open tours scheduled for July 18 – July 25 and August 22 – August 29. Previous tour reports here.

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