Carpathian Peaks with a Scottish accent

trip report

"Thanks for carting us around and organising a fantastic week... been ace!"

I must have known Iain, Bob, Muzza and Dene in a previous life. There is no other explanation why the Carpathian Peaks tour matched so nicely their mountain biking riding profiles.

There is no “push-bike” in these guys’ vocabulary. And not because they are Scottish :-). No, it’s because if you can push the bike, it means you could also ride it. Pedal uphill. Then if you cannot, it means you have to carry it. But wait. They don’t call it “carry bike” either. They say “hike-a-bike”.

Maybe because no matter how difficult it gets, when you see these guys riding their bikes, everything seems very easy. And natural. Like a walk in the park.

Tough climbs? Check. Testing descents? Check. All natural trails, with natural obstacles? Check. Comfy accommodation, great food, cold beer? Check.

We went together through a solid list of peaks in the mountains surrounding Brașov: Ciucaș, Piatra Mare, Bucegi, Postăvaru, and we also travelled further West, to reach Scara Peak in Făgăraș Mountains, and Bătrâna Peak in Cindrel. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

Cheers, pals, fer a pure belter of an experience. It was pure mint. Up. Doon. Repeat!


Thanks for carting us around and organising a fantastic week… been ace!


Thanks again Horia, top week and loved the variety of riding. V well organised and catered for. Will spread the love.


Horia, thanks again for a great trip, trails and your organisation were excellent.


Horia, amazing trip throughout. Thanks for a super experience. I don’t know how you manage to do all that. You are something else!

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