The green grass of summer trails

trip report

Monika, Pliska and Renee travelled to Romania in the beginning of June 2019, geared up for some various outdoors activities and adventures, and with a comprehensive list of places to visit. Their old VW transporter had enough room for three bikes and we used them comprehensively in a four days mountain biking tour.

From the Viscri bike trails to the Bucegi high plateau hiking trails, we enjoyed the fresh green of the early summer, the great variety of mountain flowers, a quite diverse lineup of weather situations (mostly wet, though), some incredible food prepared by Maria, our guest in the village of Simon, nicely assorted with some very good Romanian wine. But, more than anything, we enjoyed some really great mountain biking!

When planning a mtb trip to Romania, coming here by car has its own advantages. You are not depending on flight schedules, you don’t run the risk of having your bike misplaced by the luggage handlers, you don’t pay extra for the bike box. It can even get cheaper, if you optimise the number of persons filling the available seats. The local network of fast roads is increasing – at a slow pace, unfortunately, but it is increasing. You can get to our biking area, near Brașov, in about 5-6 hours from the Western border, near Arad.

No matter how you get here, we are always happy to show you our area, to guide you along some pretty amazing natural trails, through some really beautiful landscapes.

This was my first tour riding a FlareMax from COTIC. As good as expected, even better. I will come back with a longer review, stay tuned.

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