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Less is more

We are not rushing to jump on the electric mtb bandwagon.

Up. Down. Repeat

When lessons in mountain biking become valuable lessons in life.

A season with COTIC FlareMax

I work as a mtb guide and I have used the COTIC FlareMax 29er for the whole 2019 season. Here are my findings.

(Română) Ține lâna la tăvăleală?

(Română) Am testat vara asta tricouri de ciclism de la Merinito. Doișpe zile de mtb legate, șase-șapte ore pe bicicletă în fiecare zi, vreme de toate felurile.

Drop that seatpost!

“I use more often the dropper seatpost than the front derailleur”, told me Sigge a few good years back, at the beginning of his stay in Romania, while we were riding on the trails of Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Postăvaru. Across the marvellous mtb playground that is the Brasov area. Sigge is my kind of mountain… Read more »