Ode to our British guests

trip report

Bikers from all over the world come to ride our trails, and most are very much into mountain biking, bringing over their beloved equipment, and showing incredible technical and physical skills.

Some are less into biking and more into spending memorable experiences together with old friends. The demands of the mountain biking we are offering in our tours might take them by surprise. But this never stood in the way of a proper jolly time. The intensity of the climbs and the technicity of descents are swiftly turned into challenges, rather than problems.

Of course it takes a good deal of diplomacy and, generally speaking, guiding know-how in order to properly manage this type of situations. Keeping it safe and fun all the time. Modesty aside, that’s something we are quite good at. It also is a testimony of the quality of people we had the pleasure to meet during our tours.

More often than not it’s the “we need to rent bikes from you” detail that lights up our warning lights. And If the group is quite big, around 10 persons, things are definitely bound to be complicated.

On the way from the airport to the biking area, Mark was quick to defuse the tension, telling me that “We like to be challenged, we want to have a memorable experience“. And challenged they were, in a mild, good way. Intensive climbs, technical descents, seasoned with skills sessions. Some absolutely gorgeous weather to enjoy brilliant mountain scenery. A short incursion into the local history and culture. Good accommodation, great food, nice wine. Dice games. Loads of laughs.

We run a custom tour based on the Bucegi Circuit, cutting out some days of more intensive mountain trails and adding a ride on the bike trails in the Saxon Villages area at Viscri Fortified Church. We rode some flow trails in Postăvaru, and up on the Bucegi Plateau. The Strunga Pass is a mandatory destination, together with the Piatra Craiului National Park.

It is no coincidence that Mark and his friends are British. Taking things in stride, always looking at the bright side of life, pulling others (or own) legs. There are tons of expressions explaining this constant positive approach to life in general that people from the British islands seem to have. Making them always a pleasant company.

We are happy to count British as some of our most numerous, and favorite guests.

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