Do you need a guide?


There is a good chance you don’t.

You don’t need a guide when you ride at home, on familiar trails (you might benefit from a mtb instructor, though).

You don’t necessarily need a guide when you hit the trails in a bikepark. Standardized signing, comprehensive maps, and hordes of fellow riders will lend you a helping hand in finding your way through the unfamiliar terrain. (Keep in mind the mtb instructor idea, though).

You don’t need a guide when you are keen on exploring new places on your own, getting satisfaction out of facing and dealing with the unknown.

Still reading? Then yes, you might actually need a guide. 🙂

If you are browsing on this website, chances are you are searching for a new mountain biking destination, some fresh trails to pedal on, in a group of old friends or with new acquaintances.

You are probably less interested in man-made bike trails and more into natural terrain. More keen on isolated, remote mountain areas than on populated, overcrowded alpine resorts.

You don’t want to spend time, or you don’t have the time required to identify the best bike trails, the good places to sleep and eat.

You want to have the safety net provided by the knowledge of a local guide in case of emergency.

We are here to help you with all that. We’ll add on top some mtb skills sessions along the way, we’ll gladly discuss local history and culture, we’ll indulge into a beer or two at the end of the day.

We did it successfully for a good while, as proved by the testimonials our guest have kindly written after riding with us on the amazing trails of the Carpathian Mountains in Central Transylvania, Romania.

Convinced? Send us your inquiry using the form in the Contact page.

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