The Transylvanian Alps tour, a true mtb gem

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"Dear Horia, thank you very much for the great pictures. They bring back good memories of an exciting trip with…"

Udo brought his friends for a ski touring trip in the Romanian mountains back in 2018, and saw the potential for a mountain biking adventure.

Fast forward to August 2022: Udo and his five Bavarian friends came to Romania for a five-mountains, six-days mountain biking tour: our one and only Transylvanian Alps program.

The photo gallery below, as extensive as it is, will only tell a small part of an amazing experience. We explored five mountains in Central Romania (Ciucaș, Grohotișului, Baiului, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului). We’ve biked through forests, through alpine pastures, on mountain ridges and along valleys. We navigated flowy trails, rock and root gardens. We climbed hard, pushed the bikes and even carried them a few times, and we rolled down on all the types of trails you can imagine.

We improved our biking skills while sharing stories and jokes, we indulged in some great local food, a few drinks and, obviously, the famous “papanași”.

Udo was born and raised in Brasov, and left the country just before the fall of communism. His interest in (re)visiting Romania is quite specific, and it was him who convinced the whole group to choose a mountain biking trip to Romania.

We see this scenario rather often. Romania is far from being a mainstream mountain biking destination. People end up in our neck of the woods either because of personal/family/business reasons, or because they are actively looking for a quiet, off-the-main-route place to ride their bikes.

Once here, enjoying our trails, our mountains, they realize they’ve discovered a real gem. Their enthusiasm is contagious, giving us the energy to prepare the next Transylvanian Alps tour. Maybe it will be for you, and your friends?

Michael & Isabell

Dear Horia, thank you very much for the great pictures. They bring back good memories of an exciting trip with excellent guidance. By the way: my break is still working fine All the best to Romania and take care


Dear Horia, thank you very much for the fantastic photos! It is nice to remember our time in Romania!


Thanks to our marvellous tour guide we had rides on great trails through wonderful nature. Our itinerary was not the easiest but we managed it and in return we were rewarded with very varied mountain scenery by biking the Carpathians from east to west, from Ciucas to Piatra Craiului. Some fabulous single trails, few well sorted rocks, less people and much more animals than we are used from our Alps. Although we are far from beginners Horia was also superb in showing us some bike skills and tricks.
All in all an unforgettable week with perfectly organized logistics, so we only had to care about our day packs. In between the rides we relaxed in some cozy housings and replenished with great local food. We miss that food and will go for it soon in Munich 🙂
Thank you Horia, fully recommendable for all MTB aficionados!!!

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