Tom’s progression

trip report

We started to ride with Tom in September 2020. He brought then with him a newly bought capable XC hardtail and a basic set of skills, the kind most of us get while simply riding a bike while playing as kids, and later on commuting in the urban jungle. But, most importantly, the will to push the limits on the uphills, and plenty of interest in tackling trickier descents.

A few walk-the-trails sessions in Păltiniș, but also Piatra Craiului, Bucegi and Poiana Brașov made him realise heavier tools are required for more gnarly mountain biking.

Hence the newly acquired Canyon Spectral 29-er. Enter the 2021 mtb season, with Tom geared up for some proper action: after two sessions of Skills for Thrills at the Brașov pump track and in the Postavaru trails he is swiftly turning into a capable mountain biker.

Getting ready for the Carpathian Peaks collection!

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