Going for the peaks

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Starting with the 2021 season we are offering to our guests a new tour concept: Going for the peaks. Be it for a one-day ride, a weekend tour, a full-week program or a comprehensive ten-days adventure, the aim is to get up every day on a peak in the South-Transylvania Carpathian Mountains, and then bike all the way down to a cold beer, a nice meal and a good sleep.

After a few good years of exploratory rides we proudly present a list of about 10 carefully selected peaks that are really great for mountain biking. A good mix of flow trails and technical passages. The climbs are steep, technical, combining sections of intense pedalling with sometimes consistent push and carry biking sections. The descents equally demanding, with the never ending list of surprises a natural trail can throw at you.

Here is a sample ride: Omu Peak, the highest point in Bucegi Mountains, a rather popular destination for keen mountain bikers, and already featured in several of our tours. From the several possible descending options, the one going NW, on the steep crests towards the village of Bran, is something really special.


Feeling inspired by this? We are all ears:

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