Transylvanian Alps, Extended Tour

trip report

The Transylvanian Alps tour is the oldest, and most popular tour format in our portfolio. Seven nights of stay, six days of mountain biking across several mountain ranges in South Transylvania, Central Romania, nicely covering a full week of holiday.

Sometimes people have a flexible schedule, with more time on their hands. Like it was the case with Günther and René this summer. They wanted a longer tour, so we added a few more days to the total, ending with nine days out on the mountain trails and a few days of rest, to give the legs time to recover.

Apart from the traditional itinerary of the Transylvanian Alps tour, we biked on the trails of Postăvaru, Piatra Mare and Viscri. Günther and René were keen mountain bikers and really great company, always ready to put a shift in for the intensive climbs, and ready to enjoy the descents.

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