Born on Sunday

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"We where very happy that we had a good guide and he has selected very good tours for us and…"

Like most of our guests, Willi and Francesco started planning their mtb trip to Romania with many months in advance, in October 2021. They were hoping, like we all did, that things will come back to some sort of normality after a couple of years totally messed up by the COVID pandemic.

Then the war in Ukraine started. Planning for weeks or months ahead became, again, pointless.

Still, Willi and Francesco were decided to come to Romania for a mountain biking trip, even if that meant making a last minute final decision. And that is exactly what they did in mid May 2022. Arranging the accommodation by themselves, spending a couple of days around Bucharest, then renting a car and driving up to Brașov, Sibiu and Sighișoara.

Once in Brașov, they gave us a call. We started with a two-days mtb trip, which they enjoyed thoroughly, and then extended it to a four days trip. We rode trails in Postăvaru mountain, pedalling up but also using the local bus equipped with a bike platform and the cable car in Poiana Brașov. We enjoyed the man-made bike trails at Viscri (a good opportunity to visit some fortified churches). And we biked on some juicy natural trails in Piatra Craiului National Park. During the whole four days we had many technical training sessions, impromptu “Skills for Thrills” moments that spiced up the trip.

All along the tour Willi kept saying that he was “born on Sunday”. He meant that he was lucky with the weather. (We were, we enjoyed rather brilliant weather for the whole four days). In the end, Willi and Francesco were lucky with a great mountain biking vacation, something that seemed rather unlikely during these weird times.

For us, this trip proved that guiding-only tours are a valid option, especially during these unsettled months. We’ll definitely focus on our traditional all-inclusive programs, but meanwhile we welcome short-notice, short-tours requests. Do send us an email, do call us. You might be lucky. You might be born on a Sunday! 🙂


We where very happy that we had a good guide and he has selected very good tours for us and most important he was a real guide showed us the places which are more tricky to drive before and he made an upgrade of our Technik
If times are more sure I would choose a week biketour with him – you can be sure he is one of the best options there and you will have a good time

Maybe see again – and thanks for the perfect trip and your flexibility!

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