Living, working and mountain biking in Brașov

trip report

Living and working abroad is something more and more usual for the EU citizens. When you can combine the advantages of a higher paycheck with smaller costs of living, and with a relatively high standard of living, then you can say you hit the jackpot.

If you are into mountain biking, and more general into mountain sports, the city of Brașov, in central Romania, is one of these magical places.

Jan works for a software company. His work routine requires regular visits to a local subcontractor. He is also a keen mountain biker, so the idea to move to Romania, more specifically to Brașov came naturally.

A city small enough and big enough at the same time, with a quaint historical city center that gets flooded by tourists for only a limited number of weekends along the year, and with good train connections to Bucharest or to the main local airport.

A city with a plethora of trails with basically instant access, going all the way up to the local mountain resort, where a new bike-park is emerging.

Jan is mainly interested in biking on natural trails, and he is keen on doing straight forward, old-style mountain biking, without assisted pedaling. Exactly what we are specialized on here, at We were really happy to show him some true gems in the forests around Brasov city, but also in the abundance of mountains nearby. Postăvaru, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, the bike trails at Viscri were the places we visited in short tours spread along a spring, a summer and two autumns.

Looking forward to the next spring.

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