Only true-to-life photos


All the photos you see on this website were shot during our own rides. Be it with clients (the vast majority), with friends or by ourselves.

The image above, for instance, is taken on the way up to Scara Peak, Făgăraș Mountains, featured in our Carpathian Peaks program.

Apart from a very small list of reports about tours abroad, the images were taken on the very trails we bike during our tours.

It happens more often than not: lacking good quality photos, one would revert to image banks in order to make a website look good. And you’ll find situations where a local business is showcasing tours in the Romanian mountains with images taken somewhere in the Alps, or anywhere else in the world.

At the other end of the spectrum, you get images that are indeed shot in the local mountains, but they are uninspiring. Not doing justice to the beauty of our mountains.

With us, what you see is what you get. Roam through our various trip reports and through the associated photo galleries and you’ll have a good idea what your trip with us would look like. And, as an extra bonus, at the end of your trip you’ll get a set of nice photos of you and your friends, sometimes even a video clip. Something to help you remember a truly unique experience.

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