Ski good or eat wood

trip report

"Frumos filmuletul, felicitari!!"

So what do we do when the snow keeps us from cycling up to Poiana Braşov? We go on skis – and then descend through the deep forest.

I recently saw ”All.I.Can” ( Amazing footage: helicopter shots, super slow-motions, time-lapse sequences, incredible scenery and outstanding skiing. It’s like watching a 90 minutes video commercial. Still, at one point you get a little fed up, like eating too much of the same brilliant cake. You need to break the rhythm, you want to find out a little bit more about those characters, what drives them.

The sequence that stayed with me long after watching the movie was one with a bunch of retired skiers from US, enjoying the powder on a nice, sunny day. Going up on seal skins, getting down through lush deep snow, all smiles, all laughter. You could see in their style they learnt their skiing quite a while ago, when the skis were long, straight and narrow, when the plastic boots were… leather boots. No headphones hanging from their ears, no expensive gear, just the pure joy of enjoying the great outdoors.

That’s how I want to be when I get to their age. Till then, as they were saying in the film, “Ski good or eat wood!”


Frumos filmuletul, felicitari!!

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