Transylvanian Alps, Girl Power

trip report

Most of the times mountain biking is a man’s world. Any stats I stumble upon, be it magazine readers, equipment purchase, website’s audience (yes, including this one), they all show that men are an overwhelming majority in anything related to mountain biking.

It’s true even with topics leg waxing, or what gloves colour would do justice to the newly bought lime-green frame-set (and also accommodate those awesome purple baggy pants).

So, a seven persons group of mountain bikers from Germany counting no less than four women was something really out of the ordinary. To make things even more interesting, they chose an advanced tour, the Transylvanian Alps program.

As you can see from the rather generous photo gallery below, the weather was just perfect, as one expects for the beginning of August. We enjoyed a wide diversity of tracks: alpine, forest or mixed terrain, rock and roots gardens, and flowy trails. There were unforgiving climbs, a few push and carry bike sections, the unavoidable price one must pay in order to reach the exquisite trails. And there were some trails to remember: the Ciucaș high trails, the long descent from Baiului to Azuga, the hidden treasure above Busteni town, the trails near Omu Peak, the one and only Strunga Pass descent, the Piatra Craiului tracks.

All along this comprehensive inventory of mountain biking delights the four girls show some power, some grit, some skills! They were impressive on all accounts, and that’s why this trip report is dedicated to them. Well done, girls!

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