Shinny, happy, muddy bikers

trip report

"These guys ensured we had a truly memorable experience in the Carpathians: a relatively untouched corner of Europe, steeped in…"

Pat, Ryan and Martin came to Romania late May for a medium mtb-tour in the Bran County. The rainiest spring we had in many years didn’t provide the best of premisses – there was water and there was mud everywhere. The kind of weather that isn’t really inviting you to get out, on your bike and ride.

But once you’ve got over that hateful first minute, you realize that some wet dirt cannot and should not stop you from having a great time. With plenty experience of riding in the rain, the three boys from Amsterdam and London marched on with a smile on their faces, thoroughly enjoying the Transylvanian trails. Some unexpected sliding, some unwanted sand in between the teeth, but great riding nonetheless. Top it up with a warm shower, a warm meal and a warm bed at the end of the day and you’ll realize there isn’t much needed to make someone happy.

Sometimes we get too picky – I won’t go out today, it’s looking a little bit cloudy and I don’t want to risk a wash out. Nonsense! Get out and ride! Thanks Ryan, Pat and Martin for a great time out in the great, wet outdoors!

Martin Smith

These guys ensured we had a truly memorable experience in the Carpathians: a relatively untouched corner of Europe, steeped in history, with great scenery, varied rides on good trails, friendly people and comparatively low prices. Amazingly, we didn’t see a single other mountain biker during our trip in early June – the secret has to get out soon! We couldn’t fault the organisation: everything was well thought-out, yet with enough flexibility to allow changes / detours as we saw fit. Without a doubt, Horia was the best guide I’ve ridden with – friendly, relaxed, and extremely knowledgeable, not only regarding the sport (including advice on technique and maintenance), but also the area, its history, and more besides. It’s good to have someone along who can really bring the local environs to life. I was especially impressed with the willingness to help with the little things – e.g., when out in the middle of nowhere and short on powerbars/energy gels/camera storage, he’d call ahead to his contacts, and the next day we had what we needed. That’s what I call service! I’d heartily recommend MTB-tours to anyone considering the Carpathians as a destination for their mountain bike holiday. If our experience was anything to go by, you won’t regret it. Superb.

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