Carpat MTB Enduro

expert 7 days tour

  • 6 biking days enduro mtb expert tour
  • 190 km total distance, +4000m/-10000m
  • seven nights full-board accommodation
  • six days of guided mountain biking rides
  • airport transfer at the start and at the end of the program
  • main luggage transfer during the trip
  • book now your place in an Open Tour using the form in the CALENDAR page
  • for a group request, or a custom trip go to the CONTACT FORM

The most technical program in the portofolio, Carpat MTB Enduro comes with a carefully selected list of trails to please the most demanding singletrack aficionados. No bike-parks, no man-made bike trails, just natural trekking and hiking trails with whatever mother nature decided to throw into the mix: roots, logs, stones and rock gardens, sharp turns, exposed ridges. You name it, we got it covered.

About three times more altitude drop than climbing on bike, meaning we’ll use cable cars or motorised vehicles to cover some of the uphill. Still enough climbing on the menu, with some push-carry bike sessions, as in any proper enduro mtb experience. While not being a physical endurance trial, the Carpat MTB Enduro tour will put your muscles and ticker to the test.

We will be biking in Bucegi Natural Park, in the Piatra Craiului National Park, and also in the Postavaru Nature Reserve. Protecting the trails, the nature, the landscape, minding the fellow trail users (pedestrians, mountain runners, etc) is essential. We’ll be riding the trails, not “shredding” the trails. Follow this link to see the pdf presentation of the Carpat MTB Enduro tour.

Here are a few videos showing what the Carpat MTB Enduro tour is about:

A 2018 enduro trip with a group of German mountain bikers:

The Strunga Pass descent:

Bucegi Natural Park:

Piatra Craiului National Park:

Pe cărări în Piatra Craiului

Între două weekenduri de tehnică mtb am dat o fugă și o tură de filmări prin Piatra Craiului. Cu Mihai Constantenec, Horia Măruşcă, Karpaten.Trails, Mountain Biking in Romania, Iulian Cozma outdoor adventures.

Posted by Mountain Biking in Romania on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The tour is suitable for expert enduro, freeride, all-mountain and cross-country riders. A light weight full suspension bike would be ideal, but hardtails can also do the job if you know what you are doing. The routes are accessible from late June to early October.

Particularly bad weather at high altitudes (over 2000 m) might force changes of itinerary.

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