Up. Down. Repeat.

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The six days Transylvanian Alps mountain biking program is probably the closest to our hearts. It covers a wide territory, across six mountains from Ciucaș to Piatra Craiului. The climbs are long and demanding, but not impossible. Some pushbike here and there, but nothing outrageous. The descents are on natural trails, with long, flowy sections mixed with more technical terrain, but you don’t need to be an acrobat to stay on the bike. The variety of landscape is quite extraordinary.

It is a special tour for special people: the kind that love climbing, and then descending, people with advanced technical skills and very good physical abilities. For people that love to bike up and down the mountains. Pretty much like Juergen, Peter, Beat and David.

As you can see from this 4 minutes video:

If you are interested in a longer video of the tour, here is a 18 minutes version:

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