Learning experiences

trip report

You live, you learn, they say. Every tour we organize is a learning experience. We meet new people coming from different parts of the world, we share stories, we discuss the ways of the word. Sometimes we learn new mountain biking skills from our guests, it’s always a privilege to ride with guys who are ridiculously good.

We also find great pleasure in sharing our mountain biking knowledge with less experienced bikers. During the years, along the thousands of kilometres spent on trails we gathered a decent amount of specific skills and more often than not we pass them on while on tour with other fellow mountain bikers. As it was the case this summer with a mixed group of bikers coming from Germany, The Netherlands and Italy. Adjusting the various levers and shifters on the handlebar for a more efficient use, getting the right position for uphill and downhill, breaking and cornering techniques, proper use of the SPDs, etc.

We tell it from our own experience: the technical mtb training is a major shortcut you can take in dramatically improving your biking skills and, in the end, influencing the fun you can have during a day of riding. If you didn’t think about that till now, do it. If you did but kind of hesitated, don’t hesitate no more. It’s more important than getting a newer bike, with bigger wheels, longer suspension, fewer chain rings and more rear sprockets.

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