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"A fabulous trip and everything that I wanted it to be. The three of us had great fun. All the…"

Let’s face it, “I am going to Romania for my mtb holidays” is the kind of statement that will raise an eyebrow or two among one’s fellow work colleagues, friends or family. People come to our neck of the woods for anything but our notoriety.

It’s rather the other way around. Precisely because of its lack of appeal Romania gets to be chosen by people who want to stay away from the hordes of tourists that invade the Alps. Or by people searching the adventure of discovering “uncharted” territories. Or by people who keep en eye on the budget, trying to save some money for that long distance trip in the Himalayas.

Sometimes people get here for business reasons, in student exchange programs, or maybe for the odd wedding party. We have a comprehensive list of reasons why people joined our mountain biking tours.

This autumn we just added another one. To make a long story short, Adam had to pay a mountain biking trip for his two brothers as the result of a lost bet :). He chose Romania for various reasons, some of them definitely in the list above.

Like all our other guests, Adam and his brothers had a great time mountain biking on our trails, enjoying our superb nature, and our delicious food. We, on the other side, enjoyed great company, had loads of loughs, and feasted once again on our mountain biking delicacies: some unspoiled mountain trails we never get tired of.

Whatever your reasons are, don’t hesitate! Come for a mountain biking adventure in Romania!


A fabulous trip and everything that I wanted it to be. The three of us had great fun. All the days, the routes, the options, perfectly planned. A lot of hard work and hard cycling but that was good, and some very enjoyable periods too, especially the Strunga descent which is exactly the type of mountain biking that I love. But of course, we prefer to work hard to get to the top first, not to take cable-cars and just ride down!


Just as good as any place to Ride, whether Alps, Pyrenees or in UK. A great tour guide to take us through the stunning landscape, well worth a trip.

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