Days like these…

trip report

Ski touring is the winter version of mountain biking, they say. And surely there are a lot of similarities. Like you need to work your way up the hard way (those of you who are already objecting with the e-bike argument, please read our manifesto on the matter), for a descent that is significantly shorter.

It actually is more difficult in ski touring, because the fun factor of any descent is very dependent on the quality of the snow (and in the more inclined and exposed areas a good snow can very well translate to high avalanche risk), and the the visibility. A white out situation can turn the perfect powder run into a snail-speed fumbling.

In mountain biking, no matter how bad the weather gets, you can still see the trail. And no avalanches to speak of. (Or, if the case, it would rather mean you should be ski touring).

However, when the stars align and the perfect weather meets the perfect snow, there is nothing coming close to the thrills of a day out up the mountains, ski touring.

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