Testing the Go Pro HD Hero2

trip report

"A fost o tură de documentare şi testare a Go Pro-ului, prietenii erau la căldurică."

A sunny and frozen ski touring day in Postăvaru Mountain. The ideal opportunity to study future mountain biking trails, and also to test the recently awarded Go Pro HD Hero 2 video camera (more here). The results were equally encouraging.

On one hand a very promising route from Postăvaru down to Poiana Braşov seems to emerge. A juicy single trail for the cross-country and all mountain aficionados. Can’t wait for the snow to melt. (But not so fast, though, we have plenty of skiing to make up for the last dry and warm winters in Braşov).

On the other hand, the Go Pro proved to be a very versatile piece of equipment. It gives you access to impossible filming angles and at a more than decent technical quality – the quality of the following youtube video is deceiving, the original is better. The sound needs further research, maybe an external microphone that would not capture all the squeaks and creaks generated by an activity like skiing. Even if distorted, I kept the original sound on the final edit. It goes decently well with the weirdness of the imagery. And it is equally identifiable as music as many of the songs I keep hearing recently on the radio.

Horia Măruşcă

A fost o tură de documentare şi testare a Go Pro-ului, prietenii erau la căldurică.

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