Braşov – Zărneşti in 100 km

trip report

"N-avea de-un zâmbet. Poate de-un rictus."

The amazing success of the ride in Baiului had to be repeated, and quickly too. And there was an unexpected opportunity. Mihai was getting ready for Iron Bike Oradea and needed many kilometers to train. Paul had brought his bike all the way from Cluj and was looking for a ride closer to home. Christi however lost the fight in Baiului and came out with a busted knee – he therefore excused himself, although we suspect laziness was his first motive. I bet that especially after looking at the photos, he’s sorry he turned us down. So there we were, just the three of us.

I combined known routes with unknown ones to make a beauty of a ride. From Brasov to Zarnesti via Postavaru, underneath the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains. It has all the right ingredients to make it a classic.

It took us 8 hours to complete the 102 km and 3000m elevation of the ride. Night almost caught up with us and I was mostly to blame, as I kept taking photos. Here is what came out.


N-avea de-un zâmbet. Poate de-un rictus.

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