MTB in Romania, the French connection

trip report

"Thanks again for this week of Romanian discovery. I really enjoy the trail (ah ! Strunga Pass down hill !)…"

It doesn’t happen very often to have French guests in Romania, be it for hiking or mountain biking. We might share a common cultural background (the Latin heritage, the strong French cultural influences in last two centuries) but France seems to be a little too far away from Romania when travelling is the issue. We get significantly more calls from Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, UK, Sweden than from France. Therefor we were pleasantly surprised when Jean sent us an email from Toulouse, inquiring about an advanced level mtb tour in Romania.

As in most of the cases, we built a custom-made program for two persons starting from one of our existing offers. We enjoyed trails near Predeal, in Postăvaru – Poiana Brașov, in Bran Country and up in Bucegi. The weather was simply perfect – quite unusual for this rather cold and wet summer. A real treat for eye and the camera lens.

At the end of every day there was a new entry in Jean’s all-time top-ten best-trails he’d ridden. First it was Valea cu Apă în Postăvaru, then several trails in Bucegi forced their way into the chart. All ended with a final entry directly in the top three – the famous Strunga Pass descent made Jean promise he’ll be back in Romania to enjoy it again.

Nelly and Jean were a very pleasant company. We were glad to show them the unspoiled trails in the Romanian mountains, and we hope they will carry the (good) word back home in France. Looking forward to less mtb and more vtt!


Thanks again for this week of Romanian discovery. I really enjoy the trail (ah ! Strunga Pass down hill !)
Thank you again for your patience and all our discussion about mountain biking and life.

I am sure that I will come back one day !


C’était en effet une super expérience!! Merci pour ton professionalisme et ta gentillesse!
J’ai adoré cette semaine même si physiquement c’était difficile pour moi, il faut que je m’entraine un peu plus…

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