Searching for the perfect trails

trip report

You know you’ve been blessed when…

  • you live in a place like Brașov, a mountain biking paradise with great scenery, great mountains and plenty of trails,
  • you have the chance to go biking with a group of Swedes which are both great company and a source of inspiration,
  • you get ideal photo opportunities with bikers showing (off) their amazing skills,
  • you are called to organize a seven-days mtb trip for these guys for the third year in a row.

For all these reasons (and more) we do feel blessed. The rainy and muddy summer of 2014 in Romania did not stop us in having a glorious week, biking on the trails around Predeal, climbing the great Strunga Pass from the West Side (the in-famous Strunga descent just became an equally thrilling Strunga climb), enjoying the exquisite trails of Bucegi High Plateau, around the Bran Country or in the Piatra Craiului National Park.

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