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Yes, we still need tourism

All around the world the Covid-19 forces everyone into reassessing priorities. Living so close to a life threatening situation is pushing people to have a different perspective on pretty much everything.

Everywhere you look, people magically discover the joy of cooking at home. The bliss of spending more time with … (...→→)

We’d rather be out

Autumn offers the most dramatic landscapes, and the October 2019 three days tour with Ofir was no different. If you add the white of the winter’s first snow to the myriad of shades of falling trees you get the ingredients of a beautiful, majestic, but also quite eerie world.

No … (...→→)

Up. Down. Repeat

Cleaning and checking the bike. Sending more delicate components to specialised servicing. Updating programs and tours, fine-tuning coming trips. Reviewing the website, refreshing layouts, messages, logos. Warm-up rides on the trails that are drying up at lower altitudes, while skinning and skiing is still up for grabs higher up the … (...→→)