Paying it forward

trip report

In late late spring 2016 we organised our first mtb technical training weekends and the outcome was more than promising. Mihai Constantenec brought his specific knowledge gained in mtb technical training programs he followed in Austria, I added to the big pot of mountain biking wisdom my own experiences and practical examples and the photo camera. As the following galleries testifies.

The first weekend was for families, parents and kids performing exercises in a playground Mihai set up with his cones and his other nicely coloured plastic toys. There was also time for a short ride up a ridge nearby, to put the things we exercised to practice. Good weather, shiny, happy people, a short shower to add some polish to the images:

The second weekend it got more serious, with more astute bikers going faster through the set of exercises and also making longer trips, stopping now and then to practice specific skills in real life situations.

We’ll repeat the experience soon, with training events for all skills and ages. Follow the events section on our facebook page!

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