Cross-Country & freeride in Bucegi

trip report

Finally a sunny week-end in Braşov, after three weeks of snowing like in the good old days. We celebrated it up in the Bucegi mountains, for some cross-country and free ride skiing. A happy bunch of nine skiers, four from Braşov and other five coming from Bucharest, all eager to fully enjoy the fresh powder and the gorgeous weather.

We started our tour in Sinaia, surprised to see the skiing area at Cota 2000 almost deserted. Usually, on a Saturday morning, you might wait an hour just to get in the cable car up the mountain. For some reason not that weekend, maybe most of the skiers were heading to the (new) Poiana Brasov facilities, or simply kept indoors by the cold weather. Who knows. The least of our problems, anyway, as we were heading on our skins away from the prepared slopes towards Padina, enjoying the crystal clear views and the fresh air.

Not much freeride in this parts, as the snow was wiped out by the strong winds in the previous days. But after a nice hot soup at Padina, we enjoyed our powder session up towards Strunga Pass. Simply brilliant.

Padina was a warm and cozy place to stay over night, we shared some skiing stories, glasses of wine and beer.

The second day had even better weather, better views on the west side of Bucegi, and even better snow. We enjoyed it as much as we could, we plan to come back in the area. In the winter but also in the summer, the route is perfect for some single trail mountain biking.

UPDATE: a short edit of what I filmed while testing the GoPro Hero2 camera.

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