Up in Bucegi Mountains, Omu Peak

trip report

They live in Denmark for more than twenty years, but still speak Romanian with a genuine accent. They left Constanţa on the Black Sea shore when they were kids to live with their families close to the wet and chilly North Sea. How were George and Răzvan able to get into mountain biking in Denmark, a country with the highest point barely reaching 171 metres, that’s beyond me. Still, they contacted me to help them cycle up in Bucegi Mountains, all the way to Omu Peak – 2504m.

They did their share of training and preparations, as much as they could in a flat and rainy Denmark. When vacation time arrived, they packed their bikes and headed to Romania. On a glorious summer morning of July we met in Sinaia, at the foothills of Bucegi mountains, with the tanks full of confidence and enthusiasm.

The supply of confidence ended pretty fast – the trails proved more difficult than anticipated, with steeper and more technical uphills, more demanding single trails, rocky sections, tricky descents, the 2000m altitude thin air making everything even more testing. The enthusiasm, on the other hand, was always in abundance. The shear pleasure of the great outdoors, with breathtaking vistas, the heart-rate constantly peaking and the adrenaline overflowing made us really feel alive. Reaching the highest point in Bucegi mountains, Omu Peak, will provide endless boasting opportunities for years to come.

So, against the odds, it was a great time. Mountain biking has a different meaning now for George and Razvan, the trails back home will definitely seem much easier.

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