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"I have done mountain biking trips all over Europe and in over 20 countries around the world from Nicaragua to…"

In a day and age where the electric mountain bikes are stealing the front pages, a six days trip around and up the Bucegi Mountains with Mark, Rob, Rod and Paul was as refreshing as a gulp of fresh water from a mountain spring.

With just one guy below 60 to balance a little bit the average of the group, the four Brits proved time and again that age is just a number. Long climbs on dirt roads, like going from the old city of Brașov up to the local ski resort? Steep trails, like the one leading to Cabana Curmatura in Piatra Craiului? Technical trails, as the one from Padina up to Strunga Pass, in Bucegi Mountains? Whatever we threw at them, they faced it with enthusiasm, determination, untiring legs and lungs. With big smiles and sparkles in their eyes.

And then there were the descents. Some more flowy, some more technical and tricky – they made the best of all of them. We’ve never had a group so eager to learn, to try new things, to improve their biking skills.

Wondering at the beautiful scenery, spotting various birds, letting themselves immersed in the majesty of a cathedral-like old forest: it wasn’t just the biking they savoured, it was also the mountains. And that was probably the most unique thing about these guys: they totally mirrored our definition of a “mountain-biker”.

It was a good lesson for us, also. What keeps you young is a mental attitude: the ability to look at the world around you with fresh eyes, and always with an open mind.

Thank you, my friends, for a great week and an unforgettable Bucegi Circuit tour!

Mark Helme

I have done mountain biking trips all over Europe and in over 20 countries around the world from Nicaragua to Bhutan, but your trip in Romania beats them all. You have put together the most exhilarating and beautiful trip imaginable. On top of this your biking tuition and company were second to none. Iulian’s organisation of the whole holiday went perfectly. Altogether the best holiday ever! Many many thanks. Mark

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